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Long Island

Elvis Impersonator Long Island

The best Elvis Impersonator Long Island ny for your next party in, NYC, CT or NJ, then you must hire here. Dont settle for Elvis Impersonators who don't look or sound like Elvis Presley. Randy is the best Elvis Impersonator on Long Island out of all the Elvis impersonators in ny nyc Long Island and NJ. Some Elvis impersonator NYC are short and wear cheap jumpsuits trying to be an Elvis Presley impersonator. Relvis' jumpsuits are made from the orginal creators at B n K Enterprises.These patterns have been handed down through from Gene Doucette and Bill Belew, the orginal designers for Elvis Presley costumes. A family business for over 30 years serving Elvis Presley Impersonators in New York and all around the world. Your friends will always bring up the day they saw the best Impersonator on Long Island, NY or NYC, CT NJ Relvis. No matter where your party is, we'll be there to entertain you and your guests for the best time. You should plan ahead so you don't wait untill the last minute and then find out your unable to book the show because you waited too long. Timing is everything in life. But God and our Lord Jesus is above all.



Elvis Impersonator NY

Call today 631.988.7137 and reserve Randy for your next party. Elvis Impersonator in New York City Singing Telegrams Some Elvis Presley impersonators lip sync to Elvis Prelsey songs, but not Relvis. Randy is a unique Impersonator and if often mistaken for lip syncing but he doesn't never have and never will. If you really want the closest thing to Elvis, then hire Randy your next party. Shows in the New York, New Jersey and Conneticut area. Send a singing telegram will brighten up any day at the job, call today. Enter now and see just some of the shows all around, ny nyc nj and ct. Have the best time you have had in a long time. We keep this a surpise so you and your quests will be surprised and entertained.We keep this a surprise to make your event very special. You can choose the 50's ( Gold Lame ) or 70's ( White Jumpsuit ).Whoever the party is for, they will get a Teddy Bear and Silk Scarve during the show.You get to choose which songs you want from my song list of over 69 songs. Your show is custom made, all vocal are live not lip-syncing. When I get to your event, before I come in I will text you and let you know Elvis is outside the building. I come in with the PA Speaker and cordless microphone with intro playing. No need for extensive setup. Your show comes with 7 of your favorite songs ( from song list ) and Happy Birthday Song is FREE. If you had any questions about the show or pricing ( I can try to fit your budget, and circumstances,we understand) All shows are approximately 30 minutes long and photo shoot after the show.

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